How do I apply for housing?2022-03-25T07:01:37-05:00

Applications are only accepted during periods when the waiting list for either Public Housing, the Project Based Voucher program, or the Housing Choice Voucher program are open. The application page will say whether a program is open or not. Once we set a deadline, applications must be returned by that stated deadline. Applications are not accepted at any other time or if a waiting list for particular program or bedroom size is closed.

If we are currently accepting applications for a program, applications will be accepted online only via the MyHousing Portal at https://auroraha.myhousing.com/

In order to be processed, the application must at least have a (1) legible name, birth date, and social security number of the head of household, (2) valid mailing address, (3) signed back page. The application is four pages total.

How do I submit a maintenance request?2022-03-25T07:01:08-05:00

Maintenance requests can be submitted one of three ways:

  1. By calling the Aurora Housing Authority main office at (630) 701-9977
  2. By contacting your property manager
  3. By filling out the online request form
I have submitted my application. Now what?2022-03-25T07:01:00-05:00

If your application was for a waiting list that is currently open, then your name will be placed on the waiting list. The AHA does not send out letters of confirmation upon receipt of application or placement on the list. Letters go out for status changes or a request for updates only.

The application process includes submitting the application, the waiting list, an interview, and a final screening process. The waiting list is usually at least a year, though oftentimes it lasts longer than that. Your anticipated patience and cooperation are appreciated.

Please note The AHA does not give out applicants’ positions on the waiting list, only their current status. Please speak to the operator at our main number if you have a question on your application status.

What is the Project Based Voucher program?2022-03-25T07:00:00-05:00

The Project Based Voucher Program, or PBV, is a relatively new program for The Aurora Housing Authority. Like Housing Choice Voucher or HCV, it is a part of the Section 8 program and there is a voucher involved. However, unlike HCV, the PBV is not issued to a specific person; PBV is tied to a specific pre-selected building or unit. Therefore, should a PBV tenant choose to move out of the subsidized home or unit, they will lose access to voucher and assistance from AHA will cease.

Applications can be found here. Please be aware of  AHA’s open waiting lists and AHA Bedroom Standards, as follows:

Household members of the same generation and gender will share a room (usually siblings). Household members of different generations and/or genders will generally not share a room, except for couples.  Households not fitting our open bedroom sizes (according to HUD Bedroom Standards and AHA’s own policies) or applying for Housing Choice Voucher will have their application denied.

How do I port in/out with my Section 8 voucher?2022-03-25T06:59:55-05:00

Port-ins: Let your current housing authority know that you would like to port to the AHA and have them send your paperwork to Tracey Robinson at 1449 Jericho Circle; Aurora, IL 60506; or faxed to (630) 701-9974; or  emailed to traceyrobinson@auroraha.org. You will find the 2017 Payment Standards here, and more detailed instructions here. The AHA is billing.

Port-outs: Please give your caseworker proper notice that you will be moving, so that they may send your paperwork to the housing authority to which you would like to port. Do not forget to also give your landlord proper notice!

Project Based Voucher holders are NOT ELIGIBLE to port. Those vouchers are attached to the house/unit in which you are housed. They are not portable.

Are felons eligible for housing?2022-03-25T06:58:35-05:00

HUD Notice H 2012-11, issued by HUD on June 11, 2012, re-confirmed that applicants subject to a lifetime state sex offender registration requirement cannot be admitted to federal housing programs. Additionally, individuals found to have manufactured or produced methamphetamine on the premises of federally assisted housing cannot be admitted.

All other situations are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Felons are not automatically disqualified from housing, save for the exceptions stated above.

How do I bid on AHA contracting opportunities?2022-03-25T06:58:31-05:00

The AHA often posts its contracting opportunities in the local newspaper or on the Public Documents page. Check back often and see if we are accepting bids for any upcoming projects.

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