H­­UD Section 3­­

The AHA utilizes Section 3 of the Housing and Urban Development Act of 1968 to ensure the provision of employment, training, contracting, and other economic opportunities to its residents and other low-income persons.

Opportunities for Low-Income Individuals

The Section 3 Program helps to link public housing residents, Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8 Rent Assistance) participants, and other low-income individuals in the Aurora area to employment and training opportunities on projects funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). When there is a need for new hires on these projects, AHA and its contractors and subcontractors will make every effort within their disposal to hire Section 3 residents (low-income residents) to the greatest extent feasible

Who qualifies as Section 3?

A Section 3 resident is:

  1. A public housing resident or Housing Choice Voucher holder; or
  2. An individual who resides in the metropolitan area in which the Section 3 covered assistance is expended, and is a low-income person or a very low-income person. The metropolitan area for AHA as determined by HUD is the “Chicago-Joliet-Naperville, IL HUD Metro Area,” contains the following areas: Cook County, IL; DuPage County, IL; Kane County, IL; Lake County, IL; McHenry County, IL; and Will County, IL.. A person or family qualifies as low-income if their income does not exceed 80% of the median income for the area as determined by HUD:

FY 2022 Low Income Limits

Maximum Household Income Allowed Per Year

1 Person 2 People 3 People 4 People 5 People 6 People 7 People 8 People
58,350 66,700 75,050 83,350 90,050 96,700 103,400 110,050

Frequently Asked Questions

For more information, read the HUD Section 3 FAQ and AHA Section 3 Policy Manual

Section 3 Application



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