About the AHA

The Aurora Housing Authority (AHA) was founded in the 1940s and charged with the mission of providing safe, decent and affordable housing for the people of the City of Aurora. With funding from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development the AHA provides housing for nearly 2,000 households through the Low Income Public Housing Program, the Project Based Voucher Program and Housing Choice Voucher Program. Through partnerships with local and regional non-profits the AHA also promotes educational achievement and self-sufficiency.

The Aurora Housing Authority, through its business activities, provides nearly $17.2 million dollars annually to local contractors, landlords and business owners and helps to support businesses owned and operated by minorities nationwide.

Board of Commissioners

Joseph Grisson III Chairman 04/12/2016 04/12/2020
Meloyne Wimbley Vice Chairman 10/14/2014 10/14/2018
Matthew Hicks Commissioner 01/26/2022
Vacant Position Commissioner
Jackiey Gibson Commissioner 12/12/2017 9/30/2022
Frank Johnson Commissioner 12/12/2017 9/30/2019
Sherrill Dodson-Lewis Commissioner 06/12/2018
Board Members are appointed by Mayor Richard Irvin and approved by the City Council. Terms are set and maintained by the City of Aurora.