Housing Choice Voucher Program

What is the Housing Choice Voucher program?

In addition to the public housing subsidized assistance program, the Aurora Housing Authority administers the Housing Choice Voucher Program (formerly known as Section 8) which was created in 1974. This program is a private sector rent subsidy program for low and moderate income persons and families. Participants are allowed to live in decent, safe and sanitary housing units within the City of Aurora or other communities in some cases. Qualified participants are issued Housing Choice Vouchers.

Before a participant may move into a unit, the units must pass a pre-move inspection (based on HUD Housing Quality Standards and local code requirements). All units must be the proper size for the family (based on the number of bedrooms) and the landlord must agree to execute a separate lease with the participant and a Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) Contract between the landlord and the AHA.

The Housing Choice Voucher Program allows the AHA to provide subsidized housing assistance for 800 qualified low income participants above and beyond the public housing units.


Our Housing Choice Voucher Program waiting list is closed. We do not have any further information on when it will reopen.


Open letter to HCV Participants & Landlords/Property Owners

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2021 SAFMR Payment Standard

2022 SAFMR Payment Standard


Aurora Housing Authority HCV Admin Plan (Amended January 1, 2017) and 2018 Updates (Approved December 20, 2017)


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