The Project Based Voucher Program, or PBV, is a relatively new program for The Aurora Housing Authority. Like Housing Choice Voucher or HCV, it is a part of the Section 8 program and there is a voucher involved. However, unlike HCV, the PBV is not issued to a specific person; PBV is tied to a specific pre-selected building or unit. Therefore, should a PBV tenant choose to move out of the subsidized home or unit, they will lose access to voucher and assistance from AHA will cease.

Applications can be found here. Please be aware of  AHA’s open waiting lists and AHA Bedroom Standards, as follows:

Household members of the same generation and gender will share a room (usually siblings). Household members of different generations and/or genders will generally not share a room, except for couples.  Households not fitting our open bedroom sizes (according to HUD Bedroom Standards and AHA’s own policies) or applying for Housing Choice Voucher will have their application denied.